Monday, September 8, 2014

Craft soda - the beginnings of a directory, and a few notable snack delivery services

I have discovered quite a few excellent brands of artisan soda, made with love by hand (and no artificial sweeteners). So I can keep them organized, I'll start an ongoing directory with links to a where-to-buy section on each brand's site. Eventually, I'll have them all listed state-by-state.

Hawaii - Waialua Soda Works
California - Reed's
California - Pop Culture
Delaware - Fordham & Dominion
New York - Grown-Up Soda
North Carolina - Cheerwine
Minnesota - Whistler Classic Soda
Michigan - Proper Soda Co.
Connecticut - Avery's Beverages
Minnesota - Tree Fort Soda
Texas - Coffer
And in my state of Wisconsin - Wisco Pop

Many, many more to come...

To go with your newly acquired soda pop, check out these home delivery snack services:

Best Snack Delivery Services - 10 different snack subscription box companies (think Birch Box or Loot Crate), all with somewhat different themes, all affordable so experimenting isn't a huge blow to the wallet. I'll be dabbling over the next few months and trying a few of these out. NatureBox and Love with Food seem to be the leaders in the clubhouse at this point.
More tasty goodies coming your way soon...

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