Monday, December 15, 2014

Candy, chocolate and HFCS - Three items worth reading

Is candy the next battleground in America's Health War? Joe Heim of the Washington Post took an in-depth look at the issue a couple months ago.

Of all the craft food movements currently seeing staggering growth (beer, whiskey, snacks), chocolate is possibly the most fascinating due to the particulars of the harvest and the long history and development of the cacao seed. The Rise of Awesome Milk Chocolate, by Marissa Sertich Velie at Serious Eats, will give you cravings, at the very least...

The backlash to HFCS from the corporate side has begun in earnest. Honey Nut Cheerios is the latest to use the removal of the additive as a marketing ploy. Linda Bonvie at Food Identity Theft has the details here.

Other news'n'notes
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