Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Popcorn & soda pop: Changing fortunes

I love popcorn. I LOVE popcorn. I have my own mini version of your typical movie theater hot oil popper in Casa de Snackypop, and have owned a wide variety of stove top & hot air poppers over the years. I never get tired of it and I love the stuff. Present me with the devil's microwave product and prepare to be pummeled with vigor, forsooth!

As these things usually go, the rest of the world is finally catching up with me, and have begun to embrace the succulent wonders of the popped kernel.

Proof! The LA Times now knows what I know and offers a selection of some of the best gourmet popcorn purveyors in the country. But don't let this list lead you to believe the selection is limited. Just Google your state and the search term "gourmet popcorn" and you'll probably find a massive selection of choices within 15 minutes of your front door. Example: Wisconsin Gourmet Popcorn

Some of them are just the crappy multi-colored "party" tins filled with generic popped corn with chemical coatings. Take time to dig a little deeper and look for those vendors that actually give a shit about the product they're selling. Like these guys: Mike's Popcorn.

Pop - can it survive? Well, yeah sure.... but maybe not the way we expect. Bill Briggs of NBCNews.com writes about long-percolating changes in the soda biz

Has it always been thus? Read on, dear soda connoisseur, about the first dark age of soda...

Finally, let's pour one out for the fallen:

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